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Release notes for vanillaNAV 1.1.3

New features

  • Map generator
    • A map containing every marker deployed can be generated and printed from the side menu
  • Ability to remove logos and banners
    • When generating the marker preview you will be able to remove any image you’ve added
    • Changing the marker sizes will update the preview
    • The marker preview has been fixed for Firefox

What changed

  • Saving markers
    • Deploying a new marker will immediately save it
    • Deploying a new marker will immediately assign the first available marker number to it
    • Any configurations done on the blueprint will be saved immediately after the action has been done; an internet connection is required
  • Moved marker number field at the bottom
    • The marker number field is now the last field in the editing window of a marker (be it a location, marker or stairs)
  • Display stairs in a table format
    • The stairs information is displayed in a fixed width table in the editing window
  • Update marker number displayed on configuration map after save
    • The marker number is updated in its respective marker label on the blueprint only if the change was successful

What was fixed

  • Encoding for description and tags fields
    • Newly saved markers will have the description and tags fields properly encoded; before this version “null” or break lines were showing in different situations
  • Buttons displayed for edit windows
    • The correct buttons are showed in the editing window
    • Changing the tab in the editing window will not trigger a problem with the buttons anymore
  • Dragging markers in IE11 and Edge
    • Markers can be deployed or moved in IE11 and Edge
  • Positioning on high DPI screens

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Last update: 2016-06-07 10:13
Author: Marius Balaban

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