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Release notes for vanillaNAV 1.1.4 Release notes for vanillaNAV 1.1.4

What changed

  • Improved sign up flow 
  • Minor improvements for editing a user profile

What was fixed

  • Fixed scale editing (save was not possible after the scale was changed by the user)
  • Fixed initialization of the "dial knob" used to set the wall marker angle

More information:
2016-08-26 09:24

Release notes for vanillaNAV 1.1.3 Release notes for vanillaNAV 1.1.3

New features

  • Map generator
    • A map containing every marker deployed can be generated and printed from the side menu
  • Ability to remove logos and banners
    • When generating the marker preview you will be able to remove any image you’ve added
    • Changing the marker sizes will update the preview
    • The marker preview has been fixed for Firefox

What changed

  • Saving markers
    • Deploying a new marker will immediately save it
    • Deploying a new marker will immediately assign the first available marker number to it
    • Any configurations done on the blueprint will be saved immediately after the action has been done; an internet connection is required
  • Moved marker number field at the bottom
    • The marker number field is now the last field in the editing window of a marker (be it a location, marker or stairs)
  • Display stairs in a table format
    • The stairs information is displayed in a fixed width table in the editing window
  • Update marker number displayed on configuration map after save
    • The marker number is updated in its respective marker label on the blueprint only if the change was successful

What was fixed

  • Encoding for description and tags fields
    • Newly saved markers will have the description and tags fields properly encoded; before this version “null” or break lines were showing in different situations
  • Buttons displayed for edit windows
    • The correct buttons are showed in the editing window
    • Changing the tab in the editing window will not trigger a problem with the buttons anymore
  • Dragging markers in IE11 and Edge
    • Markers can be deployed or moved in IE11 and Edge
  • Positioning on high DPI screens

More information:
2016-06-07 10:13

vanillaNAV won the German Founders Prize award 2016 vanillaNAV won the German Founders Prize award 2016

We are proud to announce that vanillaNAV won this year's regional German Founders Prize award in the catogory digitalisation. Congratulations to the entire team and many thanks to all our customers and supporters, you all made this possible! We are highly motivated to continue our indoor navigation journey! The next news are coming soon :)



More information: Gründerpreis Ingolstadt
2016-05-09 16:26

vanillaNAV is getting even more flexible - we are now also supporting markers on walls! vanillaNAV is getting even more flexible - we are now also supporting markers on walls!

More flexibility and no more sight obstruction

Especially in heavily frequented places and complex buildings and indoor areas such as subway stations and exhibition halls indoor navigation creates enormous added value for the visitors. Due to the optical navigation markers on walls indoor navigation is now possible without any limitations in heavily frequented places. The wall markers can be mounted so that they are always visible. The mounting is very flexible because every vertical surface is suitable. This means that the markers can not only be mounted on walls but for example also on info panels, doors and advertising pillars as well as on ceiling mounted objects such as sign-boards and banner ads.

Floor and wall markers can be freely combined to offer a reliable and intuitive navigation experience. 

 New possibilities to display information

The optical navigation markers on walls can not only be used for indoor navigation but also to display information. This leads to totally new possibilities to show location based information to visitors and to create more value. One possibility is exemplified in the video (see link at the end of the article) of the Tokyo subway. Here optical navigation markers are attached to the subway trains. If the user looks at them via the vanillaNAV app he is informed about the train´s direction and next destination.

A further possibility is to attach the wall markers to products in a super market or an electronics store. This allows to show the user additional information about the product like text, images or videos when he looks at it in the vanillaNAV app.

Another option is to combine wall markers with office nameplates to show additional information about people or activities in an office room.

More information: video: wall markers in subway station
2016-03-17 10:54

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