Why is each marker having a number?

When adding any kind of marker to your venue (wall marker, floor marker or stairs marker) it automatically gets an unique number that identifies the marker. The number of the marker is by default unique. We recommend not to change this number manually. In any case, if you choose to manually set the marker numbers, please keep in mind that each marker has to have an unique number.

The marker number is also printed at the bottom right side in the marker PDF file. The number is necessary for knowing where to place the marker in the venue. Just look at the marker number in the map defined in the vanillaNAV Manager and place the printed marker with the same number at the corresponsing place in the real venue.

Additionnally to the markers, unique numbers are also assigned to each location. This is useful in case you decide to place a marker for each location. In this case the user will see the message "you have arrived" when he scans the location marker of his destination. In order to reduce the number of markers, location markers do not have to be used necessarily.

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2016-03-16 10:57
Marlene Lange
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