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Release Notes for vanillaNAV Manager 1.2.5

New features: 

  • Embed Youtube and Youku videos in POI descriptions
  • Rename location/destination to POI (point of interest)
  • Upload images on the vanillaNAV server
  • Add description preview for POI
  • Add images in the POI descriptions
  • Replaced the Google Geolocation service with Nominatim
  • Feedback if login data is wrong 
  • Number of location markers can be assigned manually


  • Event dates are saved regarding the regional settings, layout improvements in the event dialog 
  • Event descriptions don't display null if they are empty
  • Layout improvements in the starirs configuratin dialog
  • Validation for latitude and longitude values
  • Solved issue that sorting floors leads to duplicated floor numbers
  • Solved issue that stairs are liste multiple times in the stairs configuration dialog
  • Clicking on the zoom buttons does not move th elocation pinpoint anymore
  • Marker ID is now directly visible after editing a POI
  • Use native iOS font for POI description on iOS devices

More information:

Last update: 2017-05-21 23:51
Author: Marlene Lange

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