Can I use custom navigation markers?

The default navigation markers we use are QR codes. Using the marker designer integrated in the vanillaNAV Manager you can customize the markers by adding your own design (like background image, logos and banners). 

If you would like to use non QR code markers, we can make that possible by creating a special marker set in accordance with your design concept. One example for this would be to use the logo of your company in the navigation marker. 

The costs of customized markers depend on the complexity of the markers and have to be estimated on a case by case basis. 

Just contact us in this case so that we can discuss the possibilities of customizing markers. 

Below you can see some marker design examples using QR codes. The first two images show floor marker design examples, the last two refer to the possibility of placing wall markers on door name plates. 

The next examples show possibilities of customizing markers:



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