When do I have to edit the marker number?

The marker number gives you the information where to place the printed markers according to the venue configuation. The number at the bottom of the printed marker is the same with the marker number displayed in the venue map. The numbers are assigned by default and are unique. Usually it is not necessary to change them.

Manually assigning marker numbers can be useful if you want to place a speciffic marker in some place in the venue. In this case you can enter the marker number directly in the edit dialog of the marker.

Example: you have printed a lot of markers and want to place them in the venue. Instead of searching for the printed marker with the number given in the venue configuration, you just take one of the printed markers and enter its number in the edit dialog of the marker at the corresponding location.

Please remember that marker numbers have to be unique, otherwise the navigation will not work properly!

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2016-03-16 10:58
Marlene Lange
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